New City of Melbourne logo

The city I live in unveiled a new identity.

The new logo isĀ  much better than the old one in my opinion. It reminds me of the architecture of Federation Square in the heart of the city and looks more modern while the old logo gives me associations with an ancient Greek city.


One issue I have with it is that the city spends $240.000 on the re-branding and they gave this business to an agency from Sydney. There are a lot of designers here and the state runs a campaign called ‘Put Victoria on the table’. They want to motivate me to buy regional products, but don’t do so themselves. Maybe they thought, that someone outside Melbourne would have a more objective approach to it or maybe in times of globalisation it doesn’t matter at all where the designer is actually based.

Anyway, I think it’s nice and it comes out well in 3D, but it’s probably not forward/fresh enough to last very long.



Car made from Cardboard

Stunning works from Chris Gilmour who makes his lifesize models completely from packaging cardboard and glue.



more on his website

The Parachute Ending

Surrealistic Clip for the Song The Parachute Ending from Birdy Nam Nam.

looks like the french 70’s comics in Heavy Metal.

100 Years of Special FX

Nice clip about SFX.

Of course there are lots of movies missing, but for a 5 minute clip it’s ok.

Hello world!

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