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Here are the latest trailer of the upcoming James Cameron movie. I wasn’t impressed watching the online versions, but seeing the same trailer in 3D in the cinema made me really excited about this movie.

The long awaited new movie by Cameron shot with new technology…

I can’t help, but it looks more like a (great) computer game to me than a movie I want to watch. Anyway, I didn’t want to see ‘Titanic’ because of all the things I heard about it and avoided it as long as I could, but was deeply impressed with the story telling and the effects. Hope that this will be a positive surprise too. This director is truly a maniac, I just can’t tell if in a positive, creative or devastating way.

A very good and long article about this movie and Cameron’s work in general is here in The New Yorker:

Man of Extremes

The Return of James Cameron.

by Dana Goodyear October 26, 2009

The director James Cameron is six feet two and fair, with paper-white hair and turbid blue-green eyes. He is a screamer—righteous, withering, aggrieved. “Do you want Paul Verhoeven to finish this motherfucker?” he shouted, an inch from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face, after the actor went AWOL from the set of “True Lies,” a James Bond spoof that Cameron was shooting in Washington, D.C. (Schwarzenegger had been giving the other actors a tour of the Capitol.) Cameron has mastered every job on set, and has even been known to grab a brush out of a makeup artist’s hand. “I always do makeup touch-ups myself, especially for blood, wounds, and dirt,” he says. “It saves so much time.” His evaluations of others’ abilities are colorful riddles. “Hiring you is like firing two good men,” he says, or “Watching him light is like watching two monkeys fuck a football.” A small, loyal band of cast and crew works with him repeatedly; they call the dark side of his personality Mij—Jim backward.



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