Toilet Art

The other thing I was doing in the short break between Xmas and New Year was painting the toilet of a friend and spraying some stencil artworks there.

We also made an old chair look nice again as a present for a friend.


New Epoch Art

Baden showed me how to paint New Epoch Art and I brought in some stencil skills today.

‘New Epoch Art’, derived from 20 years of research and development by Peter Graham. This new art form enables an artist to ‘compose’ a painting using a special language of symbols to form a score. Performers then interpret this score, much as musicians use a score for a performance. Peter Graham died in 1987 but his scores can still be interpreted to generate new work today.

Two artist are starting on a canvas each. The canvas and the easel itself can be rotated, so there is always a new approach to the artwork after each turn.

The composition is recorded on paper (and was getting soon too complicated for me), so both artists are working on the same ‘theme’, but on different canvases which they exchange from time to time while rotating the easel.  It’s some kind of performance art with a lot of interaction between the artists. I gave it a try and got into it straight away. This was the first time trying it with a mix of stencil spraying and freehand painting.

We started with complementary colours and developed a complete new score.