Singin’ order @ Macca’s

My top 3:


Schlacke von Rucksackfranzose

creative: Rucksackfranzose in the very best of all forums: the worum!

something about bacon

surfing in this thing called internetz forces you to see all the different faces of food

mainly meat…?!

Early Muppets (Kermit + Bert)

What have the Muppets (by Jim Henson) been doing before they became the famous show for children?

– Ultra Violent Commercials:


How to boil an egg

Two funny movies I found on youtube around the question that mankind works on for centuries.

(this one is actually about water:)

Auto Tune

Know Your Meme / “Weird Al” Yankovic Helps Explain Auto Tune

Know Your Meme studies the Internet and reports on Internet phenomena, viral videos, image macros, slang, web celebs and more, while “Weird Al” Yancovic is legend as you already know!

Grubby Tenant

I came across this page while surfing the internet on the weekend:

27b/6 by David Thorne

It’s a very funny site with articles, stories and hilarious email conversations, like the grubby tenant:

Dear Peter,

Thankyou for the surprise inspection and invitation to participate in the next. (…) I was going to clean the apartment but had so many things on my ‘to do’ list that I decided to treat them all equally and draw pictures of sharks instead. I have attached one for your honest appraisal.


Regards, David.


This nonsense goes on and on. Click the link above to read the full thing. Another highlight is Party in Apartment 3A and Love Letters from Dick.